Medaptus’ award-winning solution, Charge Pro, has undergone a makeover with its mobile charge capture feature. The mobile solution has been a favorite among physicians and clinical staff. For years, our charge capture solution has received the KLAAS award for mobile charge capture.

Our new app has undergone a transformation that will help customers to enjoy a more modern, easier way of capturing and reporting charges.

Mobile charge capture allows providers to simply enter charges on a mobile device while they are currently seeing patients or right after seeing a patient, versus having to spend hours documenting encounters at the end of the day. This makes it much easier for physicians who want to document everything on the go and submit their charges immediately after seeing a patient, while the details are fresh in their mind.

Benefits of Mobile Charge Capture

Mobile charge capture allows physicians to record charges on the go, bedside, or in between patients. A major pain point that mobile charge capture solves is that not long ago, physicians were relying on manually inputting encounter codes from paper. In addition to illegible and lost charges, this can also cause major revenue loss. With a mobile option, charges will be easier to input all the detailed info relevant for a charge that will help you maximize your charges.

The National Library of Medicine conducted a study that reflects positive results utilizing Mobile devices. Usage has been found to improve completeness and accuracy documentation when it comes to patients, and the easiness of using a mobile solution. Patient safety also achieved a positive spike, with less errors in diagnostic coding, more frequent documentation of side effects, and increased medication safety. In conclusion, documentation prepared with a mobile capture solution was of higher quality than using paper records.


New Features of Mobile Charge Capture

Our new app was relaunched in August to give providers a better and faster user experience. Here are a few of the features that can help you document charges quickly and accurately on the go:

  • A new copy feature allows you to copy the entire charge from a previous day instead of manually having to enter in the same charge.charge copy feature charge capture for physicians .
  • The charge grid feature allows you to see the last 5 days of a physician’s patient list to see what charges are missing.
  • new charge grid feature view in mobile charge capture solution on apple The frequently used list feature shows you your most used codes for easy access.
  • frequently used feature in charge proPhone or tablet – Mobile charge capture is available on iPhone, Androids, and tablets.
  • The quick charge feature gives you the ability to take a picture of a face sheet and add in charges for each patient.

Notable reasons why Medaptus updated mobile capture are performance and user experience. When one logs into the platform, this person will automatically be connected to the charge system versus manually having to sync different information. The application has been redesigned to get the information needed faster with fewer clicks. Just like multiple Netflix screens in one home, everything is seamlessly integrated into one place.

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