It’s 7 am. Do you know who your patients are?

MedAptus Assign does.

This revolutionary patient distribution software was designed with the busy inpatient provider team in mind. The solution automatically generates patient lists based on configurable rules and daily provider schedules. With our Assign you get more time with patients… they get better continuity of care.

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Don’t let coding for infusions give you a headache*

MedAptus’ Infusion Charge allows busy nurses to spend less time on paperwork or redundant tasks and more time where it matters: with patients. Our solution can take data from pumps, EMRs or via direct entry and  translate the services delivered into compliant codes based on the infusion coding hierarchy and hospital charge data master.

*Maybe even an epic headache…

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ICD-10 is here…

Let MedAptus help you perfect your coding.

MedAptus has been ready for ICD-10 since 2012. Find out why thousands of physician-users have enthusiastically adopted our clinically-intuitive code selection tools.

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Solutions that take care of you...

So you can take care of them.

MedAptus solutions streamline the process of delivering patient care. From simplifying pre-care clinical workforce needs, to automating administrative tasks at the point-of-care, our offerings provide a foundation for improved operational efficiency, personal productivity and ultimately, optimized financial performance.

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Cardiology Associates of North Mississippi Deploys MedAptus for Inpatient Charge Capture Efficiency

Busy Group Sought Coding Automation to Enhance Provider and Business Office Productivity

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Hospitalist Perspective – Being the PCP in the Hospital

While a hospitalist may be “acting” like a patient's PCP, there is one way that the hospitalists really nothing like a PCP: a hospitalization is probably the first time the two parties are meeting, at a time when the patient is at their sickest and most vulnerable.

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Making Morning Rounds More Patient-Centric

I saw an article today summarizing research that found that delayed physician rounding increases postpartum women's sati… » Read More

Webinar: Transform your inpatient assignment

If your hospital is like most, you’re doing patient distribution by hand. So someone who should be providing patient c… » Read More