At medaptus, we strive every single day to provide the tools and the resources that enable your providers and revenue cycle teams to do the things they need to do.

And we recognize that with this COVID-19 pandemic, your providers are on the front lines every hour of every day and that many revenue cycle tasks have now been disrupted or changed, presenting even more challenges to health systems.

Ensuring that our customers can quickly and safely deliver care and maintain your revenue cycle has always been the top priority at medaptus, and to say that doing so now is “more critical than ever” seems a disservice to the hard work care providers do every day.

We continue to pay close attention to this fast-changing outbreak and take very seriously the critical role we play during these unprecedented times. We also recognize the importance of stopping the spread of the virus and want to do all we can to keep both you and us safe as global, national and local efforts continue to evolve.

As you to respond to this pandemic, medaptus is ready to respond to your evolving needs.

How can we make that happen for you?

Flexibility of our Applications

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges as you face major admission spikes, huge increases in critical services, and the rapid introduction of telemedicine.  All our applications are designed for maximum flexibility and can be easily and quickly configured to meet your evolving needs. And medaptus has mobilized all our resources to help you adapt to these challenges.

Deploying new Assignment Protocols

Protecting the health of your caregivers during this difficult time is of critical importance. Assign can be quickly configured to prevent vulnerable physicians from being assigned to patients who have, or are expected to have, the COVID-19 virus.

Many of you are designating certain units and rooms to be for COVID-19 patients only. By using our geographic rounding tools, we can apply that same designation when making assignments.

In some locales, the number of COVID-19 patients has been low and they can manually manage their patients. For these clients, we quickly added a custom attribute to identify the COVID-19 patient, and even added a visual indicator so those patients are easily identifiable in the census screen.

If you have COVID-19 related Assignment protocols and would like to deploy them, we are ready to help.

Keeping you up to date for Charge Capture

While many of the services you provide have not changed, there have been new coding additions, a rapid advancement to critical care, a need to add new shortcuts to streamline the charge process and the surge in telemedicine. Your Charge Pro application already has the tools to help you manage all these issues.

New CPT and ICD 10 codes introduced

On March 13, 2020 a new CPT code was introduced to streamline novel coronavirus testing offered by hospitals, health systems and laboratories in the United States. As soon as the code was released, medaptus added this code to your system:


On March 20, 2020, a new ICD 10 code was introduced to report the COVID-19 diagnosis. As soon as the code was released, medaptus added this code to your system:

  • U07.1 2019-nCoV acute respiratory disease

Critical Care Calculator counts the minutes

Sadly, many COVID-19 rapidly become critically ill. ICU beds and services have been expanded to handle the patient load. This level of service brings a new detail to the billing accuracy. The Critical Care Calculator provides an easy means for the provider to enter the time spent with a critical patient, so that the right level of service is captured.

Shortcuts help providers with the new codes, streamline the workflow and ensure charge accuracy

With the introduction of new ICD 10 and CPT codes in such a short time, and the overwhelming number of patients, providers often are scrambling to get everything done quickly and accurately. Shortcuts can be set up to simplify the charge capture process.

Telemedicine visits surge as pandemic takes hold

Many of you have rapidly expanded your telemedicine capabilities. With that came new billing requirements. Our Support team has worked with several clients to set rules in place, reminding providers to change the place of service code (02) or to add the modifier (95). In some instances, you have added custom codes to be able to report on telemedicine visits that are phone only versus video. If you have questions about setting up these rules, we can help.

Most importantly THANK YOU!

The COVID-19 pandemic is changing every day. Thank you for your efforts to help our colleagues, friends and families. Our teams stand ready to support you in those efforts. We are honored to be your strategic partner.

If you have questions, please contact us via phone (617.896.4025), via email (support@medaptus.com).

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