In this installment of the medaptus employee spotlight we spend some time with David Corbett, Senior Director of Customer Success. Let’s get to know him a little better!

How long have you been working here at medaptus? 

I re-joined medaptus in June of this year but originally started here back in 2010 as a Project Manager onboarding new clients. Having the experience of bringing on new clients is very valuable for the Customer Success role,

2020 is our 20-year anniversary – what were you doing 20 years ago?

That’s a fantastic milestone for our company!  20 years ago I was starting my sophomore year of High School. Hard to imagine doing so remotely, like many students today.

So how did you get involved with health technology?

My first role after college was selling water to small commercial businesses for Poland Springs – after about 6 months I realized it wasn’t for me.  My Mom, who is an RN, recommended I look into a company called MEDITECH.  They were hiring Implementation Project Managers so I went for it and got the Job. I was re-energized learning about their technology and also traveling the country to install their software at various Hospitals. I believe many others at medaptus are MEDITECH alumni as well!

Why does your new role appeal to you? 

I naturally enjoy building relationships with people which goes hand in hand with the position.  In addition, being an advocate for our clients and making sure we are helping them to accomplish their business goals is a rewarding job!   

What are you doing when you’re not at work?

The pandemic has probably shifted everyone’s hobbies outside of work.  For me, golf has been a lifesaver and I’ve never played more than this year. I also recently got a puppy and he’s required a lot of my time!

We have another Corbett in the medaptus family, Jaclyn. Do you guys happen to be family?

We are in fact real family – Jaclyn is married to my brother, Ryan.  My motto is that two Corbett’s are better than one!

Thanks for all you do David!

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