New functionality for medaptus’ Charge Pro Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) solution streamlines charge entry and saves healthcare organizations and physician groups hundreds of thousands of dollars in labor costs. 

At medaptus, we’ve been solving workflow and revenue optimization challenges for hospitals across the United States for over 20 years. By working closely with healthcare organizations, we learn first-hand about the revenue cycle challenges they’re faced with day-to-day, and we develop targeted product enhancements like Documentation Integration that alleviate these challenges.  

On average, a coder spends 3-4 minutes per charge locating the documentation they need to complete and submit the charge accurately. They’re often logging in to multiple systems and clicking back and forth between their charge entry window and documentation.  

If each coder enters 65 charges per day, that’s up to 4.5 hours of wasted time per day and that’s only for a single coder. It’s no wonder organizations that use our documentation integration module for Charge Pro are seeing annual labor savings in the range of eight hundred thousand to north of one million dollars.  

Using the Documentation module for Charge Pro, healthcare organizations can easily centralize, store and access documentation to support charge entry and reconciliation.   

Benefits of Charge Pro Documentation Integration 

  • Single coding system: Coders no longer have to jump back and forth between medaptus and a clinical documentation system when adding and editing charges, making their workflows more efficient and accurate. Coders can view supplied documentation needed to support the codes within charge and can view them simultaneously as they are adding or editing coding information in medaptus.  
  • Documentation storage: Physician groups don’t need to access multiple systems to see all their documents and records, even if they billed it months or years ago and are no longer affiliated with that hospital.
  • Scalability and centralization from multiple EHRs: One central place to view all the documentation you need for all your charges, which is extremely beneficial if you have multiple EHRs and want to centralize information.

Improved coding quality: You can be assured that you have access to the right documentation you need to submit payment for every encounter at your hospital. 

A medaptus charge capture entry screen on the left with integrated clinical documents on the right for easy viewing within the same screen. 

“Documentation is important in any revenue cycle process from physician groups to large healthcare organizations. One of the major benefits of our Documentation Integration is that coders and physicians no longer waste time hopping back and forth between multiple systems to enter charges and access documentation. Our customers are seeing significant improvements in efficiency, compliance, and labor savings,” says Malachi Charbonneau, General Manager, medaptus.  

The Documentation Integration module is now available as part of our Charge Pro solution. Improve charge entry efficiency and accuracy today and start seeing the impact on your bottom line.  

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