Worried a RAC audit for your infusion billing is coming your way?

There are two big red flags you need to keep an eye out for surviving a RAC audit.

The first is a mismatch between billing and documentation. And this happens a lot if you have staff manually reviewing documentation in the EHR or if clinical staff are responsible for manually determining what the billable code should be for infusion charges.

The biggest issue that can put you at risk for an audit is when there’s a discrepancy between documentation and billing. That happens when there’s too many staff manually involved in infusion coding.

Another common issue is when staff are unsure about a code, they will typically downcode. So not only are you losing revenue, you’re also still not compliant.

With medaptus’ Charge Infusion software, we pull and code directly from your EHR documentation and make sure that it’s billed correctly. We automate the process of infusion coding so staff don’t have to touch every charge – in fact, more than 90% of your infusion charges could be sent straight to billing.

Learn more about Medaptus’ Charge Infusion: the industry’s only EHR-integrated, automated infusion billing software, and never suffer from a RAC audit again.

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