Did you attend Medaptus Academy last year? Keep reading for reasons why you and your colleagues should attend this year. The conference will be held on Tuesday, May 14th from 9 AM EST to 5:15 PM EST.  

Medaptus Academy is the only healthcare revenue technology conference hosted by experts in Charge Pro, medaptus’ EHR-integrated charge capture solution.  

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Not just for Charge Pro customers anymore 

Last year, we made our virtual conference exclusively for Charge Pro customers. This year, we came together and brainstormed new ways we can include more customers in events to bring them the most value and the chance to network. This year, we will have sessions geared towards our patient assignment solution, Assign, where you can get a product roadmap where you get to share feedback (yes, unmute yourself and feel free to get on video!), ask questions about what’s coming next for our products, and let us know what you want to see in 2024 and beyond. 

More In-depth sessions  

Last year, we took a high-level approach to our tips and tricks and refresher sessions for Charge Pro. Now, we are assembling all new sessions with our subject matter experts to take a deeper dive into the product you use every day, to uncover more value and features you may not be aware of.  

It’s free this year 

Uh, yes! Medaptus Academy is free this year. We understand not every organization has a budget set aside for professional development, and we want every person who is interested in attending to register without worrying about getting reimbursed or justifying the cost to their department.  

Roundtable discussions, drop-in sessions  

For the first time, we will be hosting a roundtable discussion with our General Manager, Malachi Charbonneau, and Sr. Clinical Implementation Consultant & Project Manager, Jeff Cibotti where they will discuss hospitalists’ group challenges today, unique ways they are doing things based upon team structure, and some open-ended questions for the audience.  

Guest speaker  

We have a great guest speaker lined up from our recent partnership with Catholic Health, Dr. Val Kraydman, Hospitalist Director at Catholic Health Good Samaritan University Hospital, who will be joining us. Dr. Kraydman will be speaking about the discharge tax problem and how Assign helped fix it and got their patient assignment process down to 15 minutes a day instead of spending hours making the list.  

Dr. Kraydman’s session will be on May 14th from 3-3:30 EST. You don’t want to miss it!  

Past conferences  

Still curious about the Academy? Here are some highlights from last year’s conference:  

Physician-Related Challenges for Reimbursement  

Making the Most of Charge Pro Reports – Advanced  

How am I Doing? Reporting for Physicians  

If you didn’t attend last year, check out our academy page to get an idea of what our conference includes, and see if it could be beneficial for your organization to attend: 

Medaptus Academy  

Want to attend this year? Register here. Please contact cara.pittock@medaptus.com if you do not receive a confirmation email.

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