In this installment of the medaptus employee spotlight we spend some time with Yahna Perry, one of our data gurus that works with the development team in the Raleigh office. Let’s get to know her a little better!

How long have you been working here at medaptus? 

I have been with medaptus for the past six years in the role of Senior Integration Engineer.  It has been a joy getting to know my co-workers and customers. What I love about it here is that we are a small company with multiple moving parts.  While we wear many hats, it allows for all departments to be involved in various areas of the business.

2020 is our 20-year anniversary – what were you doing 20 years ago?

Hmm, that seems so long ago now.  If I recall I was fresh out of college traveling for a Telecom company installing network processing cards and telephony patching.  Though I love traveling across the US, Telecom Networking just wasn’t what I wanted to do.   I was also still trying to decide if I wanted to remain in NC or move up north to NYC.  Somehow, I worked through all of it and so here I am!

So how did you get involved with health technology?

I believe that both healthcare and engineering are in my blood.   My dad is an engineer for Boeing and my mom and grandmothers all worked in healthcare.  When I was a senior in high school, I remember applying to NC State University because I considered Bio-Medical Engineering.  Close to the last minute I pulled out and decided to study Electrical Engineering which changed to Computer Science by the end of my freshman year at NC A&T State University.  Good thing the math classes were similar between the degree programs.  Anyways there was something about programming that spoke to me and it just stuck.

Why does the role of integration engineer appeal to you? 

The role of an integration engineer is to combine and/or incorporate pieces of technology whether it is internal or external and make it a whole function system.  Here at medaptus, I receive various opportunities to work with Development, Implementation, Tech Ops, Sales, etc. The goal is to make the data flow seamlessly between systems so that the customer does not feel impact or redundancy with processing happening in two different environments.  In this role I get to bring multiple pieces of various data together using the skillset in which I have a degree in.  More than enough times it’s a bit of a challenge which is exciting, and the end result is rewarding.  It’s also good to focus on improving as time moves along.

What are you doing when not making data magic happen? 

I am married with two kids, one a teenager and other grade school age. They keep me on my toes and a little out of my mind at times, Lol.  I play video games and soccer with the kids and we enjoy vacationing. The things that keep me grounded are reading fan fiction of my favorite literature characters, shows and/or movies.  I spend some time watching how to prepare different meals on YouTube.  At some point I was teaching myself the guitar and enjoying Kawasaki Ninja 650 bike!

Thanks for all you do Yahna!

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