As 2020 kicked off, almost presciently, medaptus unveiled new branding and messaging reflective of our mission to remove administrative burden from common provider workflows in order to let them do what they do best: practice medicine and deliver care. They take care of us; we take care of them.

Since 2020 also happened to be the twentieth anniversary of the company’s launch we had intended to internally celebrate our longevity and success. And earning our 10th KLAS award for outstanding customer service and satisfaction was also something we were motivated by.

Suffice it to say, medaptus entered this year with tremendous excitement and enthusiasm. But like literally the rest of the world, we had to write a whole new game plan in the midst of extreme uncertainty. And in the end, it gave the company some of its proudest moments actually making our anniversary remarkable in ways we could never have imagined.

Consider the multitude of hospitalist end-users of the medaptus technology suite. When we saw our NY customers in the news, read of their pain during the first surge, our employees rose to the challenge. We added support to our service line and also made integration services available to enable changes in support of telehealth billing. We issued nearly weekly bulletins with important coding updates. We expedited technology rollout in two Arizona hospitals as the state was experiencing its first outbreaks.

And as all of this is happening, our own chief medical officer shifts his energy to supporting hospitalist services across eastern Massachusetts. We hear of how he had to move in above his garage to keep his family safe from possible exposure and how he really missed his dog. Ryan also started to see firsthand the level of burnout setting in among his peers. And this led us to explore the impact of burnout and how we can assuage it possibly with technology.

So, like everyone else, the year presented us with unexpected hurdles that we, like many others, eventually learned how to leverage and turn into strengths. From early Zoom calls that were a bit awkward as our team figured out is virtual vibe, we soon started to know a lot more about each other. Who knew that Jeremy had chickens? Or that Colin, who just celebrated his 18th year at medaptus, had a grand daughter?

While we intended to have a small celebration in honor of our 20th year, we instead enjoyed some lookbacks and many laughs virtually. Great memories from our Boston office (I personally watched Ben Affleck film The Accountant outside my window one day), the evolution of mobile technology (telling doctors to take their devices back to their cabled cradle for back office transmission in the early 2000s and getting eye rolls), rowdy white elephant gift swaps… the early days of cardboard boxes as desks. All the things one would expect for a high-tech company back in the day.

So, what is in store for medaptus in 2021? We recently became part of Volaris Group family which is fantastic for our ability to enhance and grow our products. We are also prepared for our customers to experience further challenges from COVID including loss of elective revenue. And as always, we will rely strongly on Ryan and his firsthand experiences dealing with COVID in order to identify where we have further product opportunity to explore.

So sure, 2020 wasn’t what we expected (WE EVEN HAD A LOGO MADE!), but 2021 is certainly looking a bit brighter and we will catch you then. Happy new year!

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