(Full credit to Farmers Insurance for a tagline that absolutely resonates with our collective and unflappable charge capture expertise!)

Over the course of 20 years in the health information software business, when it comes to the provider revenue cycle, medaptus has seen it all. And we’ve responded accordingly with both product and service to help our customers, small and large, obtain optimal reimbursement. This is precisely the reason we’ve been awarded the top spot across charge capture vendors in the most recent KLAS report.

So why is it that our customers rate us so highly year after year, after year? It really comes down to the following five differentiators:

Seamless fit within any EHR. That’s right – though medaptus was a pioneer in the mobile health 1.0 movement and today offers Charge Pro on both iPhones and Android devices for busy doctors on the go, we also know that many physicians prefer to work in one system, one log-in, one interface. And IT leaders appreciate this as well given the significant investments in clinical systems. So no matter how physicians want to access medaptus Charge Pro, we have a solution. In fact, many of our installations are so seamless within EHR systems, often times end-users don’t even realize they are working within a different platform when documenting professional services rendered!

Ease of use. Even before EHRs were ubiquitous in medicine (think the days of the triplicate encounter form), we knew that in order for our technology to be adopted, it had to be intuitive. The number of clicks, taps and swipes have always mattered because no doctor wants to be bogged down by administrative overhead. Over the years we have enhanced Charge Pro with many features that greatly ease the process of encounter documentation: access to problem list history, color-coded queuing of missed charges, alerting for overlooked quality measures, specialty-specific coding workflows and more.

Support for administrative support teams. Revenue cycle management is a team sport. While the physician is focused on delivering high quality care and patient engagement, a team of coding and billing professionals is standing by to ensure that all charge documentation is thorough and appropriate. We help these busy business offices through a rules engine that scrubs new charge data in real-time to identify possible issues and route them to the most appropriate coder for review in order to keep the revenue cycle flowing for timeliness.

Surfacing data insights. While the day-to-day capture and submission of charges is largely transactional in nature – essentially documenting the patient need (condition) and solution (procedure), over time – weeks to months to even years – the value of this data for performance improvement is immeasurable. The power of the Charge Pro reporting and analytics suite is in identifying patterns or bottlenecks that might be protracting payment receipt. More, customers enjoy this insight to support compliance training needs, month end closing, predict staffing needs, create custom payer rules – and much more.

Passion for customer success. This last item is really what it all boils down to. We know that half of the battle is in delivering exceptional technology free from defects that can rapidly adapt to customer needs. The other half is the delivery of an exceptional customer experience, from our end-users to IT departments to engaging group and system executives on “what’s next.” We know that no one likes surprise charges or upgrades and that the voice of the customer is vital to making sure our roadmap is fine tuned to needs and wants regardless of a group’s specialty, size, existing technology stack and more.

Ready to challenge us with your unique situation – disparate systems, random paper forms, rounding providers, EHR optimization needs – be in touch!

Dave Corbett
Sr. Director, Customer Success
Desk: 617-896-4057
Mobile: 508-361-0459

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