The medaptus Assign solution automates the complexities of daily physician to patient assignments to improve safety and outcomes. In the face of the COVID-19 health crisis, hospitals are creating high precaution units to prevent the spread of the virus during treatment. Assign can be configured to operationalize the staffing protocols necessary to protect physicians and patients, while minimizing the usage of PPE (personal protection equipment).  This is accomplished through the proprietary medaptus assignment rules engine, which is designed to meet the evolving assignment requirements during this crisis. 

Some of our customers are currently using Assign to limit physicians assigned to COVID-19 patients as well as protect physicians who are vulnerable to the virus. This has been accomplished by:

  • Creating high precaution units that are limited to identified COVID-19 patients
  • Modifying the physician schedule to manage which physicians are allowed to work on the high precaution units
  • Configuring Assign to balance the workload, geography and continuity of physicians working the high precaution units
  • Configuring Assign to distribute patients outside the high precaution units in a way that reduces unsafe workloads due to a shortage of resources through workload balancing and overflow logic

Any hospital medicine customers needing assistance with their settings to achieve revised rule configurations brought on by a COVID surge, please reach out to support@medaptus.com

It’s our pleasure to help as many customers are possible during this time of intense pressure, risk and worry. Our mission of helping those who heal has never meant more. 

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