So, you’re a physician practice trying to manage your billing cycle, patient records, as well as strategic and operational tasks, such as staffing, budgeting, and ensuring compliance with healthcare regulations.  

But, with all this going on, did you know there might be missing gaps you haven’t considered? One of the common areas we see physician groups struggling with is when it comes to missing charges and making sure that each provider submits a charge – and accurately – for every patient they see, without having to do this manually. Streamlining these processes can improve a medical practice’s financial livelihood, efficiency, and patient care.  

Three reasons why your practice management software isn’t enough 

 Your practice management software can’t help you capture all your charges 

 The typical physician management software isn’t a traditional charge capture software, which means you could be behind in getting charges out the door and missing revenue since your current technology isn’t able to identify missing charges, see charges and updates in real-time, or report on that information and communicate it back to providers. Your EHRs weren’t built to be charge capture tools – and while they have some functionality to supplement it, it’s not enough to help you understand the full scope of all your charges and what could be missing.  

That’s why healthcare organizations choose Medaptus to be the missing link between their EHR and billing system. Charge Pro acts as a practice management software for charge capture for physician groups and hospitals. 

 You have documentation integration issues 

 Are you getting paid for all your encounters? Are your coders manually reviewing every charge? Are they spending all day looking in multiple places to get the information needed such as CPT and diagnosis codes to submit charges for billable services?  

 What if it is extremely difficult for them to access the documentation that supports those billable services?  

 A common challenge that we see is missing information when submitting charges, which means coding staff must go in and update information for the bill to be submitted. If the documentation is only stored in the EHR, they must spend a lot of time accessing two or more different systems to review the charges that were submitted, and then investigate into the EHR for the diagnosis documentation. When you must do this for every single charge, coder productivity goes down and the number of charges that a coder can review per day decreases, delaying your payment and increasing revenue leakage. Coders need to be able to store and see the documents in one place where they can easily access them, whenever they need it. 

 You have no real-time visibility dashboard to see missing charges, and you can’t run provider reports 

 At a moment’s notice, do you have powerful information all in one easy-to-navigate dashboard? One main reason our physician group customers love Charge Pro as practice management software is the custom reports practice managers or operations managers can have at their fingertips around the clock. 

 Want to know which providers are tracking toward their RVU goals? Or, how a provider is billing for his or her encounters?  

 Check out a more in-depth session from our virtual conference, the Medaptus Academy,  where Julie Roser, VP of Operations, USACS, details how custom reporting helps her in her daily responsibilities.  

Revenue cycle for hospitals today 

Ideal for a physician practice of 10+ providers, Medaptus can solve the billing problems that so many practices have trouble correctly identifying and fixing. As you can see above, Medaptus can help your practice with missing charges, charge reconciliation, and increasing your charge throughput.  

You may not know this, but Medaptus doesn’t only help large hospitals with big budgets. We tailor our solutions for small and medium-sized physician-led practices just like yours. For example, PAC Partners in Reno, Nevada, with only a handful of providers, recently chose Charge Pro to help automate their whole billing process. As a new facility, they wanted to make sure they chose the best solution to start strong.  

“The choice was an easy one,” said Dr. Jorge Santibanez, owner and CEO of PAC Partners, when asked about their election to again use Medaptus Charge Pro. “When it comes to charge capture, there isn’t anyone else we would want to partner with.” 

Learn more about using Charge Pro as part of your practice management software here. 

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