In our 20 years of charge capture and revenue cycle management business, medaptus has seen firsthand how disparate systems that don’t easily share patient information create operational bottlenecks that are remedied with human resources and/or paper.

Consider the clinic that loves its EHR and its billing system – but these systems are managed by different vendors. So they don’t easily talk to each other and exchange information in usable, turnkey ways, particularly for billing. This situation both drives cost and protracts reimbursement receipt and is increasingly common, particularly where so many groups have expanded via acquisition. However this is a challenge that medaptus has met head on and readily handled for many larger provider entities.

When a three-hospital system affiliated with a 100 provider multi-specialty clinic decided it could no longer make time and financial investments in paper workflow remedies (printing outpatient charge tickets for data entry), it turned to medaptus. Within only months the implementation team had hundreds of physicians sending charges directly from their Cerner EHR – no workflow changes necessary – to medaptus for real-time reconciliation, review and release. This cut down on paper costs and made a significant impact on charge lag – not to mention staff happiness as evidenced by this Ode to medaptus:

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COVID has severely disrupted operations for most provider groups and airtight revenue capture has never been more critical to solvency. If your organization has the right core systems in place but could use charge traffic support for revenue optimization, medaptus has that covered.

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